started my first business when I was 6 years old. I pretty much was born an entrepreneur! At that young age, I started a business baking cookies and cupcakes and selling them door to door. I was nearly irresistible with my strawberry/blonde hair in pig tails, and big blue eyes, looking at them as I stood at their door, asking if they'd like to buy some cookies, and so I made quite a bit of money for a 6 year old!

I have always had a side hustle going on, some successful, some not, no matter what job I was working at, but I was always searching for more. I wanted to do what I loved, and was passionate about, but I first had to identify that, and then find out how I could make a living doing it.

This crossroads of wanting to build the life I desired came after much adversity in life. Having grown up in foster care, and gone through abuse, which led to a dark time in my life of self-hatred, addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts, I spent years working on myself to overcome all of these barriers, knowing that some day I would help others do the same in life and business, and so I could live the life I desired and I KNEW was waiting for me, which was to live a life of joy, freedom, and to walk in my calling/purpose that God had for me.

My life's desire has always been to help others overcome their barriers to walk in the fullness of what they are called to do.

I discovered my calling/purpose years ago, when I found myself yet again at a cross roads in my life. My father -in-law, whom I loved dearly, had just passed away, and I found myself questioning the meaning of life. I was confronted with the fact that life was extremely short, and at his celebration of life, I sat and listened to endless stories of how people remembered him best, the funny stories, the special moments where they felt loved by him, and the way he left behind an incredible legacy to live up to. It seemed that everyone thought of him as their best friend.

As death often does, it causes one to think about our own lives, and what people would say about us when we are gone. Have you ever lost someone and listened to how their lives have impacted others? Perhaps it’s a good reason to hit the pause button on our life, and give thought to what we would want to be said about us at the end of our lives. What legacy we will leave behind?

Too often I’ve seen people lost because they can’t identify their call, and no one seems to be encouraging them, nor helping them to find it.

My calling/purpose became extremely clear to me after my father passed away, in fact it was like a complete download from heaven...This is my call…to help YOU birth yours!

You have journeyed a long way to arrive to this point in your life. You've overcome so much, and survived things that most people would never be able to survive. You've always had a tug in your heart that you were meant for more. You've searched and studied to discover who you are, and what your place is in this world, and what you're meant to do. You've often dimmed your light in the presence of others, and hidden yourself, and were afraid to play full out, to be seen in all your glory that you were created to be. Like a game of double dutch, you're swaying back and forth wondering if this is the time you should jump in to play, always waiting for the right time. The world needs exactly what YOU have to offer. The world is waiting for you to discover who you are, what your purpose is, and break out of the things that have held you back, and share your gift and calling with them! Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life to begin to learn to walk in your purpose and finally BIRTH YOUR CALL?

Your sister in the journey to birth your call,

Kim Lavigne  


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